Vacations are to relax!   A re-set to be sure. Re-sent to re-set without resenting the recent recession, we released the ressussitiveness of restoration in remote resorts, reminiscent of reinventions reprised by rotund retailers on red-roostered roof tops, and….. we Relax.

Regal? No. Roadies.  We rolled on roads in our rugged roadster replete with refreshments, Ruffles chips, red apples and romaine lettuce stuffed with Real mayonnaise into ready-made sandwiches.   Non-repealed rewards points from real-life credit cards were repositioned from saved to spent and we rejoiced at our resourcefulness.

Really relax and don’t write? Ridiculous. Writing is its own reward.

Author: Kathryn Atkins

I am a professional freelance writer. I have recently become certified in HubSpot Inbound Marketing. I am a Huffington Post Blogger. I play the piano by ear, I do Yoga, love TED talks, and I recently started taking Flamenco dance lessons.

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