B.C. – You thought it wImageas that other thing. Nope. B.C. stands for Before Coffee. There is B.C., as in before one’s first cup in the morning. In fact, many people are not communicative B.C. There’s quite another graver discussion. It’s the B.C. marked by the Before [Ethiopian] Coffee that was discovered in the “nobody’s sure” year. Coffee was first mentioned in print in the tenth century, and so surely, this B.C. was centuries before drying and treating, technologies before roasting, and millennia before Fair Trade. There’s a before and an after for a lot of things. Before and after kids. Before and after work. Before and after life.

Before coffee, people relied on their own resources to perk up in the morning (yes, I said that), and to stay awake to get things done. Then there are people’s livelihoods (125 million people make their living off coffee and what did they do before that?), and we cannot forget Starbucks. Indeed. Before Coffee and After Coffee mark two huge schisms in the fabric of history.


“Dishwasher Fairy”

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADon’t you just love it when she comes?  Somehow she sneaks in, and poof! She has emptied the dishwasher without your knowledge. You mosey into the kitchen, the scowl of “I have to empty the dishwasher” furrowing your brow and curving the corners of your mouth down. But imagine your surprise!  Hah. She came.  A smile sneaks across your face (just like she tiptoed into the kitchen) and your day has suddenly improved from wherever it was.

First happy: You have a dishwasher! Second Happy: The dishes are clean! BEST HAPPY: I didn’t have to put them away!

So if you don’t own a dishwasher, be the happiness fairy in your home. Do something else that will make the world turn more smoothly for someone else in your life. Take out the trash, make the coffee, sweep, mow, wash, sing, dance, or make a towel animal.  It’s so much more fun.

Head in the Clouds

How can one small 10 minute talk change your frame of reference? Check out the TED talk

here, and see if it doesn’t change your day. We are buried in technology, bombarded by emails, stifled by content (yes, this is content!), and smothered in our own busy-ness. Huffing and puffing from one catastrophe to the next, we fail to look up.

Do yourself a favor. Go outside. Look up. If there is a cloud, you’re in luck. If not… well, then, think of a time when you saw one that you liked.




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